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We would like your views on what the station and local area needs

Join us for the public consultation now open


Have your say on our initial proposals for the project including
station improvements. 

 Our in-person consultation has now ended but you can still view and download a digital version of the exhibition materials and provide your feedback using the form below until 28 November.

Your feedback will enable us to develop the proposals further, and we intend to share more details of the evolving plans at further consultation events, before submitting a planning application next year.

You can view the exhibition boards from our public consultation event below

 Download exhibition materials here


Feedback Form

Feedback is an important part of our design process. Please take some time to complete the form below and let us know your views.

If you would like to share your details with us along with your feedback please complete the fields below

Help us as we develop the proposals further

1. What do you think of our plans for the public spaces at Liverpool Street station?

2. What sort of retail offer would be useful to you at the station, e.g. coffee shops, food stores, clothes shops, gift shops.

3. Having viewed the proposals for an upgraded station, new leisure spaces and gardens, what most interests you about the project?

4. Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Feedback on our vision

1. How would you describe your relationship with Liverpool Street station (Tick all that apply)

2. Do you agree that the existing station needs upgrading?

3. Please tell us what is important to you?

Increasing the size of the concourse

Increasing the number of ticket barriers

Improving permeability by creating new entrances to the station

Retaining the hotel’s external facades and the Victorian train sheds

Refreshing the station’s leisure and retail offer

More public spaces and gardens that are open for all to enjoy

Improving connectivity to the surrounding area

Pedestrianising Liverpool Street

Sustainability and measures to improve local air-quality and biodiversity

Accessibility, improving provision to enable step-free environments for all that require

Ensuring the station remains open during construction works

Funding the improvements by developing a commercial building above the station, rather than through fare rises or central government funding

Stay Informed

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